We’ve tried to cover it all right over here.

Why do I need eavestroughs on my house?

When it rains, the water that flows off the roof lands around the house and can be very damaging to anything in its way. For example, wood or concrete decks or walkways, heat pumps, flower gardens, and more importantly your foundation. The water eventually erodes the soil around the foundation and re-slopes the grade towards the house. Water is then directed towards the foundation, freezes in the winter, cracks the foundation and then eventually makes its way into the basement of your house causing costly repairs. By simply installing proper eavestroughs on your house you can avoid all these problems.

Do eavestrough systems come in different colours?

Yes. We have over 40 colours you can choose from.

Do you repair old eavestroughs?

Sometimes. Repair jobs are often more costly and less effective than simply starting from scratch with a new installation.

For example, if you have a downspout with a split seam that is leaking water, we will gladly replace the downspout. However, if every downspout on the house is like this AND you have leaky corners, then it would be much more effective from both a cost and a functionality standpoint to consider an entirely new installation.

What makes the DURAMAX bracket superior to others?

The DURAMAX-175 bracket has proven to be the strongest bracket on the market today supporting up to 175lbs per bracket. It is fastened with a heavy duty #12 screw, certified rust proof treated, and equipped with a rubber gasket – leaving no chance for water to penetrate into the fascia board. Most important is the square shape which causes all of the weight from ice and snow to be distributed to the base of the bracket, allowing no pressure on the front lip of the gutter or the screw. Other brackets do not have this strength-providing design, and when placed under the stresses of Quebec winters, common failures include the snapping of the screw (which is what holds the gutter to your house!!) or the front lip of the gutter unfolds, causing the gutter to tear open.

Why does your company choose to install Gutter Clean leaf covers instead of the T-Rex or Gutter Sentry systems?

gouttière briséeBoth T-Rex and Gutter Sentry systems are a hanger and cover in one. This is very practical from an installation point of view and also less expensive because you’ve eliminated the bracket. But it can fail when the front lip and the cover separate from the weight of an ice dam. When this happens then the gutter is open to the elements and is no longer fastened properly. Look at photo above or at the right.

The Gutter Clean leaf cover only acts as a leaf cover and not as a fastening system. We install the DURAMAX-175 bracket first which fastens the gutter to your home. And then we add the Gutter Cover leaf cover. The DURAMAX bracket is attached to the front lip the same way as these continuous hangers are but the big difference is that the bracket is made of heavy gauge (16 gauge) aluminum and the bracket design distributes the weight of ice and snow to the base of the bracket, instead of the end of the gutter. In that sense, it’s your home’s structure that supports the weight. To compare, a regular sheet-metal bracket is 0.0175 inches thick.

débris gouttièresThe other disadvantage is that the continuous hanger products are a closed system. That means they cannot be removed to access the inside for cleaning. If you live in an area where you have an abundance of trees, over the span of several years, the inside of the gutters will fill up with sludge. Gutter Clean leaf covers can be removed to perform the necessary cleaning inside the gutter and then reinstalled. At the right (or above if you’re on a mobile device) is a gutter we removed that had the T-Rex continuous hanger installed. We opened it up to show the sludge build-up. This gutter is 11 years old. If it had the Gutter Clean installed instead then we could have cleaned it and reinstalled the cover. But this job we had to completely install a brand new gutter system.

Do you install rain barrels?

We do not carry rain barrel in stock because there are so many different types on the market. Also, many municipalities offer rain barrels to their citizens at very low costs which we cannot compete with. So we leave it up to the customer to purchase their own rain barrel and then we can set it up for them when installing the downspout.

It is very important when purchasing a rain barrel that it has a sufficient sized overflow exit (minimum 1 ½ inches). Otherwise it might overflow right next to your foundation which is what you are trying to avoid by having gutters in the first place.

How long have you been in business for?

This is a very important question. We have been a registered eavestrough company in Quebec since 1999. There is a big difference between “years of experience” and “years in business”. Just because someone has experience working in the construction industry does not mean that they have experience actually managing an eavestrough company. Most start-up companies do not make it past five years and therefore cannot honour their warranty. Some companies claim they’ve been in business for 18 years when in fact it’s only 4 years. The best way to check how long a company has been in business is to look them up on the Registre des Entreprises

Are you a licenced contractor with your required insurances?

Yes. We have liability insurance for $2 million and we are registered with the CNESST.

We are also licensed with the Régie du Bâtiment du Québec (license# 8251-3912-19) which means we are licensed and bonded. To check if a contractor has an RBQ License you can go to . It is very important to check a contractor’s license number to confirm that it is up to date and the number belongs to that company. Contractors that don’t have an RBQ license will sometimes make up or use another contractors number. This is a criminal offence and should be reported.

Do you use subcontractors?

No. We have a good team of knowledgeable and well-qualified installers and we like to ensure consistent, good quality workmanship on every job that we do.

Do you clean-up after the job and take the old materials with you?

Of course we clean up! And we send all of your old gutters to be recycled.

How do we pay when the job is done?

When the job is done, we will send you your invoice via email or text. You then have the
choice of sending a cheque or an e-transfer. You can always call us with your credit card as well. We take both Mastercard and Visa and our goal is to make it as simple as possible, for you.

If you have any unanswered questions, please call or email.