Gutter Clean:
The best performing leaf cover system available on the market

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Gutter Clean leaf cover system

While there are many leaf cover systems available on the market, few do a good job. To our clients complete satisfaction, we’ve been using the Gutter Clean leaf cover system since 2005. No complaints!

  • Strong, sturdy aluminum construction
  • Installed in conjunction with DURAMAX brackets
  • Smooth, flat surface allows debris to blow off
  • Perforated holes allow water to drain while keeping debris out
  • Securely fastened using screws to handle the heaviest weather conditions
  • Backed by a trusted 40-year warranty
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What makes Gutter Clean better than other solutions?

Many leaf cover systems, such as the T-Rex and Gutter Sentry products, act as a two-in-one support and cover system. While those types of systems may be more convenient for the installers (since they only have to install one product instead of two), we have found benefits in the Gutter Clean product that are not present with other products.

The accumulation of snow and ice on your home’s roof can place a lot of stress on the gutter, and we have seen the two-in-one systems detach under this weight, requiring the gutter to be replaced. Since Gutter Clean is installed in conjunction with heavy duty brackets, the weight of ice and snow is easily handled by these sturdy brackets, and the leaf cover can continue to do its core task of protecting against leaves.

Another benefit of the Gutter Clean system is that, since it is installed on top of the brackets, it’s possible to unscrew and remove the covers without having to replace the entire gutter. This means that, if for any reason you ever need to remove the cover, you won’t be forced to redo the entire job.

Advantages of the Gutter Clean System® according to Alu-Rex

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