Duramax 175 gutter brackets:
The strongest, watertight bracket on the market

Strengthen your gutters with DURAMAX

Back in 1999, we were the pioneers of the screw-on bracket system in Quebec. Everyone else was still using the nail & spacer system. Today, the nail & spacer system has practically disappeared, yet few brackets being installed are able to meet the high-quality standards necessary to perform well, in our ever-changing weather.

Our mission is to protect your home from water infiltration. To fulfill this, we always look for the highest performing product on the market. That’s what led us to DURAMAX-175!

The DURAMAX bracket is wider and stronger than any other bracket on the
market, and its flat square shape makes it the most optimal fastening system to
install alongside leaf covers, for a robust, protected eavestrough.

The brackets are guaranteed for 30 years and West Island Eavestrough offers a 10-year warranty of its installation work.

logo fixation de gouttières Duramax
Duramax gutter fixation hooks
  • Thick, multi-ply aluminum
  • #12 heavy duty screw
  • Watertight screws
  • XL Head
  • Supports up to 175 pounds per bracket
  • Watertight
  • Invisible from the ground
  • Flat surface: easily install a gutter protection on it
  • 30-year warranty

Why choose Duramax-175 gutter brackets?

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